Automation flow builder for MailWizz EMA

Easily create powerful automation flows for your Mailwizz EMA campaigns and improve the efficiency of your email marketing strategy with our automation flow builder.

This extension add automation building capability to your MailWizz EMA powered application!

Streamline your email marketing efforts with the Automation Flow Builder for Mailwizz EMA. Our powerful automation flow builder simplifies the process of creating and managing automated email campaigns, helping you to save time and increase efficiency.

With a user-friendly interface and a range of customization options, you can create automation flows that fit your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a seasoned email marketer or just starting out, the Automation Flow Builder makes it easy to automate your email campaigns and get the results you want.

So why wait? Start optimizing your email marketing strategy today with the Automation Flow Builder for Mailwizz EMA

canvas view

sample flow
sample flow 2
Canvas guide


  • Drag and Drop Builder: An intuitive drag and drop interface makes it easy to create automation flows with minimal technical skills required.
  • Customizable Triggers: Set up triggers based on subscriber actions, such as subscription, unsubscribe, specific email opens or url click, or specific email reply to automatically activate your automation flows.
  • 30+ blocks: With over 30 draggable blocks, you can obtain any desire automation flow. The builder comes with 11+ triggers and many actions and logic.
  • Content Personalization: MailWizz EMA capability to personalize emails for each subscriber with dynamic content, such as their name or location, to improve engagement and increase conversions is further optimized.
  • Insight Reporting: Monitor the performance of your automation flows in real-time and make informed decisions to optimize your email marketing strategy.
  • Integrations: Integrate with other tools and platforms api, such as CRMs or e-commerce platforms, to enhance the functionality of your automation flows through comprehensive Webhook block.
  • Easy-to-Use: comes with canvas with easy to use interface that gives you full control of your automation flow.
  • Block validation: client and server side validation of your automation before saving ensure your automation will run after activating.
  • Light, Fast and Smart: with intelligent history tracking, the module ensure minimal system resources usage. Processing are fast and wont repeat.

These are just a few of the many features that the Automation Flow Builder for Mailwizz EMA offers. Whether you’re looking to streamline your email marketing efforts or improve the performance of your campaigns, the Automation Flow Builder has you covered.


  • MailWizz EMA from version 2.0 to latest version is supported. Could work on lower version too
  • We provide documentation with video illustration covering installation and usage.
  • We respond to your questions as fast as possible within few hours but can sometimes be up to few days.
  • We dont provide refund for the extension after purchase, so confirm before purchase.
  • Any custom work including setup, installation and extension (that might require skilled hours) are not free. You can hire us for this.

View full documentation here


Demo is in read only, you can make live edit, test builder and preview but wont able to save.

Admin panel:
Password: 123456

Customer panel.
Password: 123456

Contact us on for support
version 0.0.2 – 17/02/2023
  • UX: improve canvas saving experience.
  • Improve security (antiXSS)
  • Fix shifting “wait” block when the flow is dragged or rerendered.
  • Fix failing unit test for send email block.
version 0.0.1 – 13/02/2023
  • First release.

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