Screenly is a full android screen lock app come with 4k battle royal wallpapers , movies wallpapers,Cars wallpapers,Girls wallpapers and more HD,4K wallpapers, Now you can secure your phone with 3 type of screen lock , use Timely screen lock To lock your phone with a hidden value recorded by timer , or unlock your phone with pin code for more security , also your can unlock your screen with the basic slide to lock type ,with screenly screen locker , you can make beautiful screen lock wallpapers , choose between hundreds of 4k wallpapers , PUBG wallpapers ,Free Fire wallpapers, and other battle royal wallpapers , just select and crop wallpapers and set wallpapers as screen lock or home screen or both

How Screenly works ?

if you choose Timely screen lock type you will be redirected to a time recorder to record a hidden value this value will be used to unlock your phone in future just long press on the scanner , once the timer started decide when to leave your finger , the recorded value is your secret time to unlock your device , in the screen lock long press on the scanner again once you are in the recorded value leave your finger to unlock screen otherwise if the value doesn’t match the recorded value you will not be able to unlock your phone and camera will take a selfie of you as an intruder. if you choose pin code screen lock , you must to type a pin code to unlock your phone,the slide lock screen you need just to slide to unlock .


Pin screen lock Slide to unlock Timely screen lock Show notification in screen lock Take intruder selfie 4K wallpapers (GOT wallpapers,HD PUBG wallpapers,Battle Royal wallpapers,HD Games wallpapers and more ..) Wallpaper Cropper Animations and effects Full theme store

Enjoy Screenly screen locker

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