ChatMate AI Chat Bot

IMPORTANT: This app template uses third-party service API ( openAI API ) and we do not provide an API key, you can generate your own API Key from the official website Demo APK can’t reply your messages because doesn’t have API Key.

Chat with ChatGPT You can ask anything, The AI will give you an answer within just a second.

Personal AI Assistant Get your personal AI assistant that assists you to grow your creativity, business, skill and also help you to improve your personal growth.

Categorized Prompts You can use the category-wise prompts feature for your business or personal use as well.

Customize Settings You can select any setting and directly share this app with your friends.

Manage History Find the last conversation you had, then carry on from there.

ChatMate AI Chat Bot FEATURES:

  • Full Application
  • 100% Java Code
  • Native Android
  • Chat with ChatGPT
  • Find your Browse History
  • Dark & Light Mode
  • Personal AI Assistant
  • Categorized promts collection
  • Full Guide Documentation
  • Admob Ads Integration
  • Material UI Design
  • Full Code Access

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