Flexible, Smooth & Lightweight: Circular HTML5 Preloader.

A clever preload will make the difference between an ordinary user experience and a smooth ride into your content. Enhance your project with Circular HTML5 Preloader. It’s completely rendered and animated in SVG with a small footprint.
Circular HTML5 Preloader - 1

Main features

  • Preload JPG, JS, CSS, JSON and more
  • 3 Different Draw Methods
  • Smooth SVG Animations
  • Autoload function
  • Optional Percentage
  • Cache busting
  • Over 30 Options
  • Customizable CSS3 Transitions
  • SVG Glow Filter Effect
  • Javascript Callbacks
  • Queue Support
  • Automatic Garbage Collection
  • Mobile & Retina Friendly
  • Small Footprint
  • Demo page included



The showcased images are not included in the download package.


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