This item is a quiz addon for “Course LMS – Learning Management System” that lets instructors create various quizzes for courses.

Quiz plugin features

-Unlimited quizzes:

Instructors can create unlimited quizzes and assign them to their courses.

-Unlimited questions:

Every quiz can include unlimited questions.

-Various questions:

This plugin supports multiple-choice, descriptive, and image questions. Instructors can specify the grade for each question.

-Pass mark:

The instructor can specify the pass mark for each quiz.

-Quiz time:

Quizzes can be defined for unlimited time or limited time. If the instructor set time, the quiz will be finished after the countdown stopped.


The instructor can manage the results and analyze them with expanded details.

Requirements -

  • “Course LMS Learning Management System” pre-installed on your server.
  • Students can attend the quiz test from a lesson panel.
  • This addon only support Course LMS V2.4 and up.

Course LMS Version 2.4 with Quiz addon demo is now available at
Admin login:
password: 12345678
Instructor login:
password: 12345678
Student login:
password: 12345678

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