The main purpose of app is to create gif (animated) images. You can create gif using Gyph maker from Videos or from Images available in your Gallery.

Now creating Gif is just few seconds task.

Gif can be created from videos or manually added images from gallery .

Gif Maker is one of the Best Gif Creator App with all top features that exist in Top Gif creator Apps on App Store.

Technology It is developed in Native iOS, source code is very well written & well documented.

Videos to Gif You can convert both Recorded Videos & Live Video to Gif.

Images to Gif You can select images from your gallery to make Gif

Text, Emojis & Stickers Add Text, Emojis or Strickers to Gif

Apply Filter Just like Photo Editing Apps, you can apply filter to Gif

Share on Social Media Share your animated Gif on Social Media Facebook & Twitter

Easy & Fast Reskin Source code is written by our professional team of developers, so it is well documented & smooth. Reskinning is not only EASY but also very fast. Buy the Single License today and launch your own Gif Maker App on App Store.

You can also customize it by adding many more features of your choice.


a) Recorded Video to gif converter b) Live video to gif converter c) custom selection of images to gif d) Add emojis and stickers to gif . e) Add text to gif also able to change text color on gif f) Apply filter to gif . like photo editing apps g) Load existing gif and edit them h) Sharing on social media i) Save in phone gallery

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