This game was made with Unity 3D!

This game is clone of ketchapp game studio Jelly Jump game. The game is a score based platformer game. The purpose of the game is escape from water coming from down and reach the best score. In the game except water has two types of obstacles they are barriers coming from left and right sides of screen and you should jump before the barriers is closing. The main object(character) of the game is a cube with jelly physics and except this in the game you can collect coins and unlock new objects(characters).

The game is simple to reskin and all game options like game speed, cube colors, AdMob ID and etc. is stored in “gameManager.cs” script.

You can download game and try from here:

Features & Requirements

  • Unity3D
  • Android SDK
  • AdMob integrated
  • Support different screen resolution
  • Support Phone & Tablet
  • Game sound, Menu sound, Quality sound
  • Sound On/Off options
  • Google Play Leaderboard integrated

Documentation is available here:

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