Licenses Manager for WooCommerce allows you to create, sell and manage license keys for your products. This plugin also provides a rest API to create, read, update, delete, and validate licenses for your digital products.


Support simple product licenses Support variable product licenses License prefix License require email for validation License activations limit License allow/disallow automatic updates License allow/disallow support License expiration time calculation License expiration time calculation Frontend license view page Frontend order license list Rest API license create, read, update, delete Rest API license activation create, read, update, delete Rest API product information Validate licenses in user admin panel from client Automatic updates in user admin panel from client Updates notificaions in user admin panel from client Display plugin settings in admin popup License renew License upgrade Email include licenses Frontend product tab to display license features Frontend account license tab Frontend dashboard license list


The Licenses Manager for WooCommerce plugin provides a rest API that offers endpoints for manipulating licenses, activations and access product details. These routes are authorized via product secret keys generated through the product settings and accessed via the WordPress API.

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