Tired of monthly user subscriptions? Well, POD is a single time purchase software suite that lets your colleagues collaborate on multiple projects. Pod has everything you need to track a project from start to finish. The flexibility, combined with the intuitive features the app offers mean your team will not only become better collaborators but they will massively increase their productivity on a daily basis.

Liked POD, but not technical enough to setup? Feel free to contact us at Free installation support till October 31st 2018.

Get Automatic Updates : We can add you to our deployment pipeline, so your system is updated as soon as we roll new updates. Simple isn’t it?

If you encounter any bugs, please send a screenshot to


  • User Roles and Priveleges
  • Projects
  • Tasks & Boards
  • Files
  • Comments
  • Time Logs and Reports
  • Chats and much more

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Next Release : v1.0.4 - March 15th
  - Calendar Support
  - Invoicing feature
  - Emoji support for chats
  - Live Timer
  - Better UI 


v 1.0.3
  - List view for task in addition to board/kanban view + provision to add comment, timelog etc conveniently
  - Subtasks feature
  - Multipage timesheet generation with customised branding(your company branding)
  - Optimized performance
  - Better UI 
v 1.0.2
  - Added option to edit tasklist
  - Responsive UI fixes + Hamburger menu
v 1.0.1 : 16 October 18
  - Bug fixes reported by ciampa333  (Special Thanks)
  - Added firestore.indexes.json containing database indexes (Updated documentation)
v 1.0.0
  - Initial Release

More Features and updates on the way.

Pod : Real-time Project Management Software - 1

Technology Stack


Tech Stuff

Serverless Architecture Google Cloud Storage Browser Push Notifications Lazy Loaded Modules

App Screenshots

task_files task_detail task_1 dashboard


For auto updates / Deployment (Optional) : You may need to contact us with the valid purchase license key and add one of our Google accounts to your project as the Editor (Role)

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