Important Note: SaaS version will be released as a separate product. You have to purchase it separately if you want SaaS features. ETA at the end of April or beginning of May.

Shipboard is team collaboration system that is a great fit for any teams looking to work together. With a clean, modern and highly interactive design you can easily collaborate with your team members in order to get tasks done.

We take care of every single detail in the system, the design is done from scratch to fit your need. The navigation between pages is done as (SPA) which means you get a very snappy UI and you can smoothly navigate between the system’s sections. We chose the most powerful technologies to build this system like: Larave, Tailwindcss, and Inertia.js.


Admin Demo:
Password: secret

User Demo:
Password: secret

Some features are disabled in demo mode. Demo will reset every 3 hours


Shipboard provides you a great projects management platform with the following major features:

  • Single Page Application (SPA) designed system, very interactive and snappy UI like Gmail!
  • Minimal dashboard to focus on your overall organization insights and KPIs
  • Manage your projects and assign team members to them
  • Select a unique color for your projects to easily identify to which project the task is belongs to
  • Set starting dates and deadlines for your projects and tasks
  • Archive your old organization’s projects
  • Projects card that show you pending tasks and how many days left for the project deadline
  • Kanban board for your projects
  • Create Kanban columns and cards, and easily sort them by dragging and dropping them
  • Assign tasks to specific team member and set a due date
  • A seperate discussion section for each tasks
  • Upload attachments for each tasks while you are commenting on the discussion board of the task
  • List all attachments of the task to easily download them
  • Pin the project as a favorite one so you can easily access it through the sidebar
  • A dedicated page to list all tasks assigned to you with predefined filters to ease your work
  • A dedicated calendar view to list all your tasks and their deadlines. Tasks are colored as the project’s color.
  • Manage your system settings and team members with their roles.

With your feedback, more features will be added in next versions.

features showcase


  • PHP >= 7.2.0
  • MySQL
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

Plans for 2.0 Version

After releasing the SaaS Version. I am planning to release 2.0 version for this system. The following features will be added. More features will be listed here later.
  • Improved UI design
  • Sub-Tasks
  • Tasks Priority
  • Ability to change dates, priority, assignee in My Tasks Page
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Duplicate Projects
  • Login with Google Account (Optional)

Change Log

[v1.2.1] – 2020-04-04

[*] Simplified system installer (for new customers only).

[v1.2.0] – 2020-02-28

[+] Added progress bar for attachments uploads.
[*] Fixed database issues with old MySQL versions.
[*] Fixed web installer issues.

[v1.0.2] – 2020-02-04

[*] Fixed project visibility issue.

[v1.0.1] – 2020-02-03

[*] Fixed sidebar toggle on mobile
[*] Fixed kanban touch click events on mobile
[*] Fixed incorrect productive month chart
[*] Fixed favorite archived project error
[*] Fixed loading archived project tasks
[*] Improved settings and profile page on mobile

[v1.0.0] – 2020-02-01

- Initial Release


For any inquiries or feedback please send an email to and we will try our best to assist you.

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