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Fully featured professional price comparison website can be easily launched using this script.

Create your Own Review and Compare Websites. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated programs.

You can create an UNLIMITED comparison websites. You can use this script for any kind of review/comparison website, and of course also with affiliate programs (juicy affiliate webhosting program, insurance comparison, car comparison, ...)

Enter a description, an (affiliate) link, and choose the names of the columns you want to display in your website : can be the price, the name of the program, the the money-back,...all what you want

Our simple installer gets you set up in minutes. We offer you 8 demo samples (php/bootstrap), but you can design your own website. The detailed user guide will help you to do it.

There is no restriction from the script whatsoever!


  • The script include a comprehensive guide
  • Design clean and responsive design.
  • No API or external services required !
  • Can be used for many language
  • Nice et tracking URL (your affiliate URL will be masqued)
  • 100% source code
  • NEW V4 : Improve tracking link (crawler detection)
  • NEW V4 : Possibility to add an unlimited of items/top (instead of 10 in the previous version)
  • NEW V4 : Add 5 new templates
  • NEW V4 : Update the back-office
  • NEW V3 : Possibility to add up to 10 features for each item/top (instead of 5 in the V2)
  • NEW V2 : Stand-alone page for each offer top
  • NEW V2 : Module for users to add their own review
  • NEW V2 : Possibility to add 2 differents banners for each offer (can be used for logo or brand)
  • NEW V2 : SEO integration for webpage (title+description) and image
  • NEW V2 : Table with sorting

Requirements : PHP (V5+) + MYSQL

Admin Login : user : admin, password : admin

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