Conver Wordpress website into app within 30 seconds. if you are looking for a native Android app for your news site this app will help you to customize easily.

This app allows your create native android app for news or blog site. A very useful and compact homepage has been designed with all dynamic data. Basic functionality i.e: post list, post search, menu and submenu list, category and subcategory list etc has been included into the application.

We have included push notification too. Admin can push simple message and post id to show specific posts. AdMob has been included with the project so that anybody can include Ad in any activity.

Different Home Screen: Choose which home screen do according to your preference.

Featured Posts: Display featured posts in home screen.

Admob: Just enter your Admob interstitial ads and enable motisization.

Native Video Player: Support youtube video to play easily.

Firebase Analytics: Track number of active installs,active users count, users location.

No internet connection screen: Show a beautifully designed no connection screen when no connection is available.

Push notifications: Reach and update users by sending push notifications.

Easy customization: This customization includes the configuration of various layout styles ToolBar, Drawer, Tabs, Bottom Navagation, Hide-able Bottom Navagation, Colors, Icons & Images, Admob.

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