Overview The project aims to develop a robust and efficient web application using ASP.NET Core 7 technologies that allows user to import data files, such as XLSX and CSV into a SQL Server database. This application will provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for importing large volumes of data from various file formats (XLSX, CSV) using ASP.NET Core Web API, XML Bulk Insert, Dapper, CsvHelper, EPPlus and coding best practices.

Key Features » XLSX and CSV File Support
» File Validation and Error Handling
» Mapping and Transformation
» Data Import Performance Optimization

Tools/Technology Used » C# » ASP.NET Core 7 Web API
» ASP.NET Core 7 Razor Pages
» Clean Architecture
» Dapper as ORM
» XML Bulk Insert
» CsvHelper
» EPPlus
» Bootstrap

Quick Start Guide The solution has two separate execuable projects; ImportDataFile.API and ImportDataFile.UI. Make sure to run API project first, then the UI project. Also make sure to change the settings in appsettings files according to your UserRootPath, ConnectionStrings, BaseAPIAddress, SiteSettings etc.


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